Monday, January 21, 2019

Week one reading

            Each piece of artwork has a different aura to the piece of artwork. Everyone sees the artwork differently in his or her own eyes. I agree that the time that the artwork was made is going to be different later on because how people do artwork now days is totally different than how people did artwork back then. How a artist paints his or hers painting they might see the painting as something that they did and then we see the painting we see oh that is a dog going after a tennis ball. The artist sees it their way and everyone else that sees the painting will see it differently. When you go and watch a movie you see what the camera filmed. You do not see what everyone that worked on that movie did to get the special effects. With the some movies they take you to a different planet or you watch super heros beat up bad guys. Sometimes when you see a piece of art and you just walk by it because it does not jump out at you. That is because you do not see yourself in the piece of art so it does not interest you. It is the same with watching a movie like with me I do not like watching a lot of gory movies so I stay away from them. Someone else might love gory movies and go and see the movie. It is just what you see and what interest you. Same with back then they drew on a lot of caves because that is how they could keep the painting from not getting destroyed. Nobody does that anymore because most people go and paint on paper or they sculpt with clay because that is the norm now days to do that.

Draft Model


Thursday, January 17, 2019